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TRIZ User: Beginner Course

In-house training only
1 Day

This TRIZ course is primarily aimed at any member of staff and Management within an organisation who are about to embark on, or who have recently commenced, using innovative and creative problem solving

It is a useful course for bringing the company’s Management Team and their Teams to a common understanding of the capabilities, goals and philosophy of TRIZ.

On this one-day TRIZ course participants will learn about philosophy and are introduced to all the major tools.

Only the basic tools will be explained in more detail and the practical application of these tools and techniques will be discussed in more detail.

Suitable for: 

The Introduction to TRIZ is recommended for all those in an organisation who want to get an overview of the concepts, tools and philosophy of TRIZ

This course is suitable for senior managers, department managers, line managers, internal consultants, change agents, project managers, team leaders and subject matter experts in your business.

What’s good about the course? : 

Trigraph Certificate of Completion  TRIZ Beginner



At the end of the training course participants will have:

  • An overall understanding to the concepts, some tools and the philosophy of TRIZ.
  • An overall understanding of the usefulness and practical applications
  • An understanding of the similarities, differences and practical applications.
  • An understanding of how TRIZ can be integrated into the company’s management systems.
  • Some initial criteria and guidelines for selecting, reviewing and evaluating Problem Solving.
  • A fundamental understanding of how this programmes can be applied to deliver an effective commencement on the road to inventive e problem solving.
  • Case Studies and Exercises
  • Additional Free TRIZ glossary (by Valeri Shouchkov)



Detailed Content:


  • Brainstorming
  • Shortcomings of Brainstorming
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Learning directions

TRIZ History

  • What is TRIZ?
  • The Theory of inventive problem solving
  • Genrich Altshuller
  • Growth of TRIZ
  • Levels of Innovation

Basic Concepts

  • Conventional vs Integrative thinking
  • How does TRIZ get to the right solution
  • Understanding TRIZ
  • Basic Concepts
  • Basic xTRIZ Process
  • Trend of Dynamic growth for Business Systems
  • TRIZ for Business Roadmap

Tools we can use

  • Brief summary of all the various tools used
  • 40 Inventive Principles
  • Database of TRIZ and patents
  • Function Analysis
  • Root Conflict Analysis

Course Material

This course is supported with a very comprehensive training manual and selected text books to be used as a reference source after the course.