5S - 1 day course / workshop

Course Highlights

Waste, it’s a word that brings up many images. It is any activity that reduces or stops an organization from running smoothly and efficiently. 5S is a fundamental method for eliminating waste and generating a culture of Continuous Improvement.

5S is one of the cornerstones of the Lean Six Sigma methodologies, with a proven track record of workplace organization and creating an environment of process control.

This brief course will examine the 7 forms of waste and identify the 5 disciplines of 5S.

This hands-on training will use relevant examples to ensure you leave with an embedded understanding of the benefits and methods used to assist your company reach the next level.

5S is used to improve and sustain workplace organization by creating a visual workplace. It’s reduces clutter, waste and process inefficiency by producing a “tour ready” environment.

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