The Agile Business – New Ways of managing and thriving in Turbulent Times


Enabling the Adaptive Organisation - is your organisation ready for these powerful new management methods?

As the Digital Transformation age gathers pace, some organisations have embraced a new management thinking and are enjoying a sustained competitive advantage; faster speed to market, increased customer satisfaction and superior profits. What are they are doing that’s different? Why is it working? And is this something that you should be applying to your organisation immediately?

Today’s environment has become increasingly volatile. Rapid change, Political uncertainty and volatile swings in consumer sentiment demand a plan B (or plan C, plan D…)

The world is in a permanent state of change. And we must adapt how we manage our organisations. There are new ways of managing that are transforming businesses, government organisations and not-for-profits, big and small.

This 1 day course will provide you with the insights and knowledge you need to evaluate if employing some of the adaptive organisation strategies will be of benefit to your organisation.

This course is designed for managers, leaders, project managers and organisational change professionals. Prior knowledge of Agile or Project Management qualifications are not required for attendance on this course.
Senior leaders and anyone who is interested in transforming their organisations or department - and creating teams and ways of working that will handle rapid and never-ending change will also benefit from this course.

After taking this course, you will be enabled to:

  • Identify situations in your organisation where under-performing traditional project management approaches may be improved through application of new management practices
  • Understand why ‘Emergence’ and Agile management approaches are succeeding and learn powerful adaptive methods that organisations are applying to achieve significant competitive advantage
  • Determine if your organisation could benefit from applying agile principles
  • Explore first steps to take in order to become an adaptive and agile organisation

Topics include:

  1. The challenges of traditional project management
  2. Project management maturity
  3. Consistently delivering value in turbulent times
  4. Enhanced value management through project governance structures
  5. Addressing emergence – the adaptive approach
  6. Scrum - the dominant adaptive management framework
  7. Kanban - the alternative major adaptive approach
  8. Overcoming the challenges of agile adoption

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