Agile & Scrum Awareness Webinar


The evolution and acceptance of standard predictive project management approaches has led to many successes over the past 30 years. However, today’s work environment has become increasingly volatile forcing rapid changes to priorities and plans as projects are being delivered. In order to meet stakeholders’ needs more effectively and embrace change as value perceptions evolve, adaptive or agile project management is the favoured approach being adopted by many organizations.

So what is adaptive project management? This one-hour webinar presents a broad awareness of the agile/adaptive culture and explores one dominant method: SCRUM. Delegates will get an opportunity to both understand why they might consider adopting an agile approach and how the Scrum team perform core SCRUM activities.

At the end of this webinar, delegates should have a grasp of the general agile mindset and an understanding of the key artefacts, roles, and rules of the SCRUM framework.

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