Agile Awareness Course

Course Highlights


This workshop is designed to promote critical thinking for delegates on whether or not they should adopt agile approaches and if so, what that application would look like in their environment. The workshop is delivered over 2 days as a classroom based or event or for Virtual Delivery it is decomposed into three 120 minute sessions that span two consecutive days. Delegates are required to perform coursework between sessions to ensure clear comprehension as the course progresses.

Course Includes

· Predictive Project Management V Agile Project Management.

· How waterfall works.

· Why projects go over budget / time.

· Governance issues – challenges of matrix management.

· Agile values. Characteristics of agile approaches.

· The SCRUM Framework.

· Characteristics of high-performance teams that originally led to the foundation of SCRUM.

· Explanation of the ‘ceremonies’, roles and responsibilities that form the scrum framework.

· Consider barriers and enablers of agile adoption.

· Workshop exercises to reinforce agile values and practices


Anyone in a Leadership or Management role whose company is implementing agile methodology or who may be part of an agile implementation team.

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