Agile & Scrum - Executive Workshop for Senior Management

Course Highlights

This is normally run as a tailored in-house course.

This course/introductory day is focused on the role of the senior leadership day in fostering an agile environment in which the people and processes adapt to suit the changing demands of the business. Our trainers and consultants work closely with you to ensure the content meets the needs of your leadership team and the level of understanding of the change they will be required to lead.


The day is a mix of education, simulations and discussions along with envisioning what an organisation with agile work practices looks like.

Course Includes

  • Predictive Project Management V Agile Project Management.
  • How waterfall works. Why projects go over budget / time. Governance issues - challenges of matrix management.
  • Agile values. Characteristics of agile approaches.
  • Managing the culture change consciously, purposefully and scientifically.
  • The SCRUM Framework.
  • Characteristics of high performance teams that originally led tothe foundation of SCRUM. Explanation of the 'ceremonies', roles and responsibilities that form the scrum framework.
  • Discuss techniques and approaches to scale agile. Consider barriers and enablers of agile adoption.
  • A reinforcement exercise in the application of Agile.
  • A series of real life scenario exercises to provoke introspection, reflection, discussion and action.

  • Requirements

    No previous knowledge of Agile is required.

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