Agile Practice Programme

Course Highlights

Why take this course? Because it’s interesting, useful and offers practical ideas for anyone interested in developing greater adaptability in their work role. As the world changes more quickly and more frequently around us, organisations, teams and individuals need to be able to adapt to survive.

Many of the world’s leading organisations - including Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft - are recognizably Agile. Organisations in all sectors have now embraced Agile as a tried and trusted way to become more adaptable. So understanding Agile is really useful. It’s also really interesting – Agile thinking can change the way you look at how work is organised, causing you to think again about many things we take for granted in the workplace.

Agile as a concept applies not only to organisations, but to individuals and teams as well, meaning that this course is useful for anyone interested in learning more about how to develop and become more adaptable in a changing world of work. The Agile Practice programme is designed to meet the needs of employees and managers who wish to gain a basic understanding of Agile.

This programme will be of particular interest to change leaders, project managers and anyone concerned with the design and flow of work in the organisation, who may wish to explore how they can contribute to implementing Agile practices in their own role. On completion of this programme participants will have the knowledge and confidence they need to participate actively in Agile initiatives, whatever their current job.

This online programme runs over two days - or over four ½ day workshops. Managers and employees will become familiar with the concepts of Agile as they can be applied in any organisational setting. The delivery team blends extensive experience in applying Agile practices, with academic expertise on agile change implementation. The workshops will encourage participants first to understand core principles and then to develop their own ideas about how to apply them to improve performance in their own role.


Programme Outcomes:

On completion of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • · Understand the basic principles of Agile and how they have been applied to improve performance in a variety of organisational settings
  • · Apply Agile principles to identify ways to improve work flow and create enhanced experiences for customers
  • · Explain how Agile tools including Kanban, sprints, SCRUM and Value Stream Mapping could be used to create value
  • · Identify the critical success factors for Agile implementation in any organisation at individual, team and/or organisational level
  • · Display an understanding of the implications for themselves and their colleagues of embracing Agile and working in empowered

Course Includes

Programme Schedule:

  • Workshop 1: What is Agile? Why is it useful to understand it? Can I apply Agile thinking in my own work?
  • Workshop 2: Agile methods and tools demystified. What are the main Agile tools and when are they useful?
  • Workshop 3: Putting Agile into Practice – how might your team or unit use Agile to improve performance and make work more interesting?
  • Workshop 4: Agile people – what becoming Agile can mean for individuals, teams and managerial work
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