Stakeholder Agile Awareness Workshop

Course Highlights

Duration: 1 Day (Online version delivered as three 2 hour sessions over 2 consecutive days)

This Virtual Instructor Led workshop allows managers of agile project team members, internal customers and other stakeholders of the agile team to appreciate the agile culture, approach and how they can best engage and support team members.

The main objective of this workshop is to enable stakeholders of agile projects and project teams to be able to determine how best to support and engage with them. Delegates will reflect and understand why agile is adopted and how agile is applied.

There are three main sections to the workshop:

Examination of the traditional approach to managing projects

  • Explaining the standard predictive approach
  • Critically analysing reasons that the predictive approach may not lead to successful outcomes
  • Exploration of AGILE THINKING

  • Review the evolution of Agile management approaches exploring the agile culture and characteristics of agile projects.

    Examination of the Scrum events, roles, rules and artefacts

  • Product backlogs and product backlog refinement
  • The Definition of Ready and Definition of Done
  • KANBAN – managing the flow of value

  • Throughout the workshop, there will be room for discussion and clarification on each topic. This should also allow consideration for reflection on current organisation initiatives and how they may be supported/improved by effective agile structures and practices. Delegates will recognize much of the considerations involved in Lean thinking are echoed in Agile approaches – especially the prioritized flow of customer-defined VALUE and the continuous focus on improvement and removal of WASTE.

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