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Many organisations have a variety of projects and development running in parallel.

Getting all of your Stakeholders, Project Managers, Team Members, Business Community in sync is a difficult challenge in any organisation – but especially in bigger enterprises.

How do you ensure that best practices are used consistently? Is everybody working off the standard templates and processes that have been provided?

We believe that well organised training delivery can have a huge role in ensuring a consistently professional approach to projects and in eliminating wasted effort in supporting sometimes mundane things.

If there are many people in your organisation who may have some involvement in projects then it makes sense to educate them all in a consistent professional way.

A Blended Learning approach may offer you great value and consistent results. We blend the following:

  • Short customised video content around good practice in project management and the specifics that apply to your business
  • Online assessments to gauge understanding and the effectiveness of the learning
  • Hosted by a Learning Management System (LMS) where results can be shared with management.
  • Reporting of learner engagement and understanding to measure success
  • Short live workshops to focus on specific areas of value to the business

Have a look please at this page on our web site where we show some sample content.

Would you like to know more? Why not join our one-hour webinar on Tuesday 21st Dec at 10am? We’ll take you through it then in more detail.

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