Design Thinking "Ideation" workshop

Course Highlights

Frequently, when clients or customers tell us about a challenge, we jump to a conclusion on how to solve their challenge without taking into consideration all of their needs or really understanding the issues that would resolve their challenge. The solution is our interpretation, not theirs!

Workshop overview

Design thinkingis a people-centred, iterative methodology used by architects, engineers anddesigners to understand peoples’ needs and define effective solutions. It helps businesses to identify, understand, and address problems that really challenge their clients or customers.

This one-day Design Thinking workshop outlines a framework to:

  • dig deep and carry out the right kind of research;
  • value creativity and innovation;
  • prototype and test products and services to uncover new ways of improving the service, product or design; and
  • focus on the client or customer needs when considering potential solutions.


During this fun and highly interactive one-day workshop, participants will “learn by doing” through a series of exercises that build iteratively to create a complete design thinking project. A case study will be used to work through a business challenge and apply the design thinking approach in practice. Examples, video, and other useful material will supplement the learning.

The Design Thinking methodology will give you and your team a practical toolkit to collaboratively develop innovative solutions for future challenges.

What the Client said

"Really enjoyed your course today. From myexperience, it is really unusual for a course in [our company] to elicit somuch participation as happened today in your course. All credit to you formaking it so open and 'safe' that everyone felt happy to contribute. Veryinteresting concepts and you had a really good balance between teaching whatyou needed to but not overloading the content. I think we're all much morelikely to remember the key take-aways because of this."

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