Working Together to Promote Dignity and Respect

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This is typically offered as a customised inhouse programme for Trigraph clients.

The approach from Trigraph is to run a series of self-serve learning modules followed by live (vILT) workshops to reinforce the learning. Further details below.

  • A series of self-serve learning programmes is suggested as follows:
    • Topic 1 – What is bullying?
    • Topic 2 – What is harassment and sexual harassment?
    • Topic 3 – What to do if I am being bullied or harassed?
    • Topic 4 – What to do if I witness harassment or bullying at work?
    • Topic 5 - What to do if I am approached or complained about for bullying and harassment?
    • Topic 6 - What is the formal process for managing dignity and mutual respect at IDA?
    • Topic 7 – As a manager how can I create a workplace that fosters dignity and mutual respect for everyone?
    • Topic 8 – How can I as a manager best challenge inappropriate behaviour?
    • Topic 9 – What are my responsibilities as a manager within the formal and informal process at IDA and where can I get support?
    • Topic 10 (optional) – What is the role of the Health and Safety Authority and Workplace Relations Commission?
  • After topics 1 – 6, we will hold a live virtual instructor lead session for employees, VILT1.
  • After topics 7 – 9, we will hold a live virtual instructor led session for managers, VILT2. The purpose of this session is to go over any aspects that the managers may not have fully understood from the self-serve learning and to provide managers with thought provoking scenarios to discuss these topics in a non-threatening way. Essential to the manager sessions is the opportunity for managers to share with one another challenges they are facing in this area and how they have addressed them. (Duration 60 – 90 minutes)
  • All employees (including managers) will complete Topic 1 to Topic 6 and VILT1. In addition, managers will complete Topics 7 – 9 and VILT2.Topic 10 can be compulsory or optional for all employees and/or managers

Each topic is 10 minutes of self-serve content followed by a short assessment (via MCQs– multiple-choice questions) and polls to gauge how well the content was understood and to gauge any feedback from learners on specific points.

The purpose of this facilitated session is to go over any aspects that we feel the learners have not understood fully from the self-serve learning and to provide learners with thought-provoking scenarios to discuss these sensitive topics in a non-threatening way. (Duration 60 - 90 minutes). Previous experience has taught us that it can be useful for the facilitator to remain online 30 mins after the session for questions and these sessions work best when numbers are kept relatively small (15 – 20 learners)

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