MS Excel - Databases, Data Lists & Data Manipulation


This session will cover how to handle lists of data, clean up the data, sort and filter the data, use the sub-totals feature. Other features covered will include Text to columns, Data validation and Grouping / Ungrouping.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Method of Delivery: Virtual


· Creating and setting up a database / Using data imported from other systems

· Using the Sort facility

· Using the AutoFilter facility

· Creating a custom filter

· Setting the database as a Table

· Formula and Format functionality within a table

· Using TEXT functions to manipulate the data (Trim / Concatenate / Left / Right / Upper / Lower / Proper)

· Using the Text to Columns feature to split data over several columns

· Using the Sub-Total feature & the Sub-Total function

· Controlling input into cells using Data Validation

· Grouping and Ungrouping Rows and Columns

· Protecting Sheets and Workbooks

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