MS Excel - Creating Pivot Tables - An Introduction


Note - there are two sessions on Excel Pivot Tables for Friday 27th March 2020 - this Introduction session at 10am and the Advanced session at 11.30am - €40 per seat, €60 if you join both sessions

A pivot table is a reporting tool that produces 3D reports from spread sheet data. This session will explain the core concepts of a Pivot table, how to create and manage a table.

Duration: 1 hour

Method of Delivery: Virtual


• Steps in creating a Pivot Table

• Select the required fields for the Pivot Table

• Filter the pivot table

• Format the value fields in the pivot table

• Update and refresh a pivot table

• Drill Down to view the background data

• Add a value field and change the calculation method

• Show multiple totals across columns

• Group fields for data analysis

• Create a Pivot Chart

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