ICT Governance Workshop

Course Highlights

Leave the workshop with an outline plan of action for your organisation.

Learn from the experience of other attendees by way of the interactive format.

The practical experience of ICT governance provided to other public sector organisations will provide:

  • A deeper understanding of the true nature of ICT governance and its importance for both ICT and business
  • A practical framework designed for Irish public sector
  • Clarity on the role of business in ICT governance, and how business and ICT must work together to be effective
  • Specific roles and responsibilities for the Management Board / ICT Steering Group, ICT Governance Committee, Business, and ICT, which forms the foundation of an agenda for each body in the ICT governance structure


Organisations rely heavily on Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Despite ICT costs attracting major attention within most organisations, few have real ICT governance structures in place that facilitate business and ICT interaction and decision making in terms of prioritising investment decisions.

This workshop will introduce our ICT Governance Framework that has been used successfully in the public sector in Ireland. We will bring practical experience, advice, along with tools and techniques to identify where each organisation should focus its efforts to optimise ICT governance.

The workshop is intended to be interactive and participants are encouraged to participate in the context of their own organisation. Given the interactive nature of the workshop we recommend a maximum of 12 to 15 participants.

Attendees will:

  • Learn from experiences in public and private sector in Ireland and internationally
  • Generate an outline action plan to address this topic in their own organisation.
  • Gain an understanding of the risks, challenges and benefits
  • Benefit from an ITEF focus on ICT Management in the Irish public sector
  • Gain thought-provoking original thinking from ITEF, including sample frameworks on decision making rights, as well as roles / activities / inputs and outputs for each major ICT governance stakeholder body
  • Be actively engaged in discussions on applicability to ICT management in the public service
  • Apply specific tools to implement effective ICT Governance


  • CIOs and Senior Management who have budget responsibility
  • ICT Portfolio Management professionals that engage with the business in ICT project prioritisation
  • ICT Management who must deliver within the context of a governance framework.
  • Business management responsible for ICT related projects and prioritisation
  • Line managers who are responsible for significant ICT expenditure
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