Introduction to Agile Software Development

Course Highlights

Lecture based with topic reinforcement exercises


This 2-day course presents an overview of the Agile software development (ASD) paradigm. The goal of this course is to enable delegates to appreciate why this approach has emerged as an effective approach to the construction of software systems and also to understand the underlying values, principles and practices of ASD methods.

What's Included

This course will be of benefit to learners wishing to gain insights into the agile software development paradigm. It is intended to provide insights to development managers on why they may wish to pursue this approach. They are exposed to the motivations for transitioning from predictive to adaptive approaches. Project managers gain an appreciation for key cultural and team-oriented aspects of software development that are supported by ASD practices. Developers are introduced to the various management and technical practices performed by ASD teams.

Course Includes

The following topics will be covered:

  • Topic 1: - Software Development Approaches
  • Topic 2: - Introduction to Agile
  • Topic 3: - Agile Manifesto
  • Topic 4: - Agile Project Management - Scrum
  • Topic 5: - eXtreme Programming - XP
  • Topic 6: - Practical considerations - applying agile in your environment


This course should prove beneficial to all software development stakeholders who have little or no experience in the application of ASD methods.

Learning Objectives: After taking this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify the characteristics of methods and distinguish between predictive and adaptive approaches
  • Understand reasons for the advent of agile development approaches
  • Describe the agile manifesto and how it is applied in different methods
  • Explore the specific values and practices of the two most widely-used ASD methods: Scrum & XP
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