Lean Six Sigma Green Belt - Certification from PeopleCert IASSC

Course Highlights

This is a 2-part course - a standard Trigraph Green Belt certification course, followed by a 2-day intensive workshop preparing for the formal PeopleCert IASSC Green Belt exam.

PeopleCert IASSC assessment is based on successfully passing the PeopleCert IASSC Green Belt exam.

The exam can be delivered online or via paper.

The exam cost is included in the course fee

The is an intensive, highly interactive classroom lab which will teach you the Lean Six Sigma methodologies and tools through engaging simulation exercises, hands-on practical challenges and the application of the Lean Six Sigma principles to solve real-world problems.

At the end of the course on Day 5 you will take Trigraph's online Green Belt certification test. Upon successful completion of this test, you will earn your Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

On successful completion of the PeopleCert IASSC Green Belt exam you will receive a certificate directly from PeopleCert IASSC.


This interactive program gives the student multiple skillsets and the confidence to begin applying the tools and techniques immediately within their own organisation utilising the concept of ‘practice practice practice confidence confidence confidence’ the student enjoys a learning experience mixed with practical button pushing exercises to take the theory and apply it to practical outcomes while learning a consistent powerful problem solving methodology in DMAIC while learning the soft skills and facilitation techniques to create conversations in a team environment.

At the end of the training course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Six Sigma and the DMAIC approach to process improvement.
  • Understand the tools involved in the Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control phases.
  • Understand the use of the tools in characterising processes, analysing process data, solving problems and controlling processes.
  • Use the key tools to solve practical business problems.
  • Lead local Six Sigma project teams or assist Black Belts to deliver tangible business results on larger projects
  • What's Included

    Detailed Contents


    • Basics of Lean Six Sigma
    • Change Management
    • Facilitation skills & techniques 1
    • DMAIC Roadmap

    Define Phase

    • Business Case & IPO
    • Problem Statement & Goal
    • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Project Charter
    • Define phase breakout (Real Life Scenario Exercises)
    • Connecting the Define phase tools, questions, pitfalls and deliverables

    Measure Phase 1 – Process Mapping and Basic Statistics

    • Process Flows and Maps
    • Types of data & measurement plan
    • Variables Data graphs
    • Variables Data measures
    • Attribute Data graphs
    • Attribute Data measures

    Measure Phase 2 – Confidence Intervals

    • Introduction to confidence intervals / Sample size
    • Variables data confidence intervals / Sample size
    • Attribute data confidence Intervals / Sample size
    • Measure phase breakout (Real life Scenario Exercises)

    Measure phase 3 – MSA: Measurement System Analysis

    • Sources of Variation
    • Introduction to MSA
    • Attribute MSA Interpretation
    • Variables Data Interpretation
    • Connecting the Measure phase tools, questions, pitfalls and deliverables

    Analyse Phase

    • 8 forms of waste (TIM WOODS)
    • Brainstorming Overview
    • Cause and Effect (Fishbone) diagram
    • Affinity Brainstorming
    • 5 Whys
    • Tools for Prioritization and Scatter plot
    • Special cause variation
    • Team voting
    • Effort / Impact Grid
    • Prioritization Matrix
    • FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis)
    • Value Add flow analysis
    • Analyse phase breakout (Real Life Scenario Exercises)
    • Connecting the Analyse phase tools, questions, pitfalls and deliverables

    Improve Phase

    • Improve Phase concepts
    • Improvement Plan and Pilots
    • Before and after data analysis
    • Hypothesis testing
    • 5S
    • Improve phase breakout (Real Life Scenario Exercises)
    • Connecting the Improve phase tools, questions, pitfalls and deliverables

    Control Phase

    • Review of Control Charts
    • Control Plan
    • Control phase breakout (Real Life Scenario Exercises)
    • Connecting the Improve phase tools, questions, pitfalls and deliverables

    Realize Phase

    • Realize the benefits of your project
    • Realize phase questions, pitfalls and deliverables

    Facilitation skills & Techniques 2

    • Leading remote Teams

    Project Selection, Mentoring and Next Steps

    • Completed Project Presentation
    • Basics of mentoring
    • Measuring the mentor relationship
    • Top 10 mistakes of a new Green Belt

    Course Includes

    • All course materials
    • Lunch each day
    • Refreshments
    • Trigraph Certification Exam
    • Trigraph Lean Six Sigma Certification
    • PeopleCert IASSC Lean Six Sigma Certification

    NB: This course does include sitting the PeopleCert IASSC® exam and the PeopleCert IASSC® exam fee. Trigraph is an PeopleCert IASSC® Accredited Training Organisation. As a result students who complete Trigraph's Green Belt Program are qualified to take the PeopleCert IASSC®'s internationally recognised Lean Six Sigma Certification exam. As a PeopleCert IASSC Accredited Training Organisation, Trigraph can arrange your certification exam for you.


    Previous experience of Lean Six Sigma is not required for this Green Belt course

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