Microsoft Access (Intermediate)

Course Highlights

This course is a hands-on instruction book that will introduce students the skills needed for creating, revising, and customizing the design of tables, queries, forms, reports, and data access pages.


Instructor-led, group-paced, classroom-delivery learning model with structured hands on activities.

  • Lesson 1: Managing a Database and Data
  • Lesson 2: Controlling Data Entry
  • Lesson 3: Finding and Joining Data
  • Lesson 4: Creating Flexible Queries
  • Lesson 5: Improving Your Forms
  • Lesson 6: Customizing Your Reports

  • Course Includes

    Students will learn intermediate Access skills, including how to enhance your database designs by using the principles of table relationships and referential integrity, integrate data with other applications, modify a table design to control data entry, find data with filters and queries, customize forms and reports, and create data access pages.

    Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Share data with other applications and enforce referential integrity.
  • Modify the design of a table to streamline data entry and maintain data integrity.
  • Use a filter to show records that match criteria and generate different query results by creating different types of joins between tables.
  • Create select queries that display special records and design other types of queries, including parameter and action queries.
  • Create forms and change their designs to enhance the appearance and usability of a form, and to make your form more professional.
  • Create reports and change their designs to better organize and summarize information, and to improve the appearance by enhancing data layout and working with report pagination.
  • Create, modify, and work with data access pages.

  • Requirements

    Students enrolling in this course should have a basic level of understanding of the Access interface, and should have experience designing tables, simple queries, forms, and reports.

    Target student: Anyone who uses Access as a tool for getting their work done. Your responsibilities might include creating and/or revising the design of tables, queries, forms, reports, and data access pages.

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