Microsoft Word (Intermediate)

Course Highlights

On completion of this course, delegates will be able to:

Edit documents

Move and copy text

Work with margins and paragraphs

Work with fonts

View and print documents

Use Bullets and numbering

Use Borders, lines and shading

Work with sections

Use Proofing tools

Manage Tables

Manage Graphics

Using Word and the Internet

It is a practical hands- on course. Delegates are "learning by doing" with access to MS Word Software for the course duration.


MS Word the popular word processor from Microsoft.

This 1 day course is designed to increase users' knowledge of the features within Word and realize the advantages of using a powerful word processor.

The course is entirely 'hands on', so those attending will get practice in creating and modifying actual documents. Joe O’Connor is a Certified Microsoft Master Instructor.

Learn by doing – in additional to the formal presentations from Trigraph, attendees will benefit by using the MS Word software itself on their own dedicated PC / Laptop. They will create their own Documents.

All of our trainers are highly skilled project management professionals with formal Microsoft Word certification.

The training materials are fully owned by Trigraph which means we have full flexibility to tailor the content to suit particular client requirements.

Course Includes

Editing documents

Document views • Moving the insertion point • Using Click-and-Type • Scrolling • Selecting text • Insert and Overtype • Typing replaces selection • Deleting text • Undoing incorrect edits • Redoing and repeating edits • Case conversion • Inserting symbols and special characters • Creating documents using Templates

Moving and copying text

Moving text (Cut-and-Paste) • Copying text (Copy-and-Paste) • Using the Office Clipboard • Using Drag-and-Drop • Opening a second document • Document Window panes

Working with margins and paragraphs

Setting page margins • What are paragraphs? • Indenting text • Aligning paragraphs • Line spacing • Paragraph spacing • The paragraph dialog box • Setting tabs • Removing paragraph formats

Working with fonts

The Formatting features • The font dialog box • The Format Painter

Viewing and printing documents

Landscape printing and paper size • Page breaks • Zoom • Print Preview • Printing

Bullets and numbering

Automatic bullets and numbering • Applying bullets and numbering to text • Customising bullets • Creating an outline list

Borders, lines and shading

Adding borders • Removing borders and shading

Working with sections

Creating a new section • Column formatting •
Headers and footers • Page numbering

Proofing tools

Automatic spell checking • Spell checking selected text or the whole document
Using the Thesaurus • Using browse • Go to •
Finding and replacing text
Productivity tools • AutoCorrect • AutoText • AutoFormatting • Applying styles •
Creating envelopes and labels


Drawing a table • Creating a table • Moving the insertion point • Modifying a table
Merging cells • Splitting cells • Table borders


Inserting ClipArt • Using WordArt • Creating drawings • Drawing AutoShape objects
Manipulating objects • Changing the properties of objects

Word and the Internet

Creating hyperlinks • Saving a Word document as a Web page • Creating new e-mail messages with Word
Sending documents via e-mail


It is assumed that you can bring your own laptop to the course with MS Word installed.

Users with a basic understanding of MS Word who want to consolidate and expand on their knowledge of the basic features in a short space of time.

A working knowledge of using PCs, Windows, gained from the workplace or by prior attendance on a course.

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