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Course Highlights

PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is the world’s most used method of structured project management. It is the leading edge approach to managing projects and can be used with projects of any size in any industry.

Proceed through the ProPath learning pathway and get yourself on a professional path in Project / Programme / Portfolio / Risk Management

The PRINCE 2 method follows a certain set of Themes, Principles and Processes that will ensure the project will have the best possible chance of being a success. It is vital for managing projects by making it easier for you to work out exactly what member of staff is responsible for what, along with explaining what information you should be gathering along the way.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner course is the next step up from the PRINCE2 Foundation course. Attaining your PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification is a crucial part to becoming a successful and effective project manager.

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Benefits Of Our Course

-The PRINCE2 methodology can be applied to any type of project in any industry or sector, making it an invaluable qualification to have.

- This course is designed to be practical and hands-on, giving you the tools and confidence to run successful PRINCE2 projects in the real world

- Our instructors are highly experienced PRINCE2 project managers and trainers and will help you both to prepare well for the certification exam and to figure out how you will apply PRINCE2 to your unique situations

- The Prince2 method provides effective communication for all those involved in working on a project.

- Trigraph, is a fully accredited ATO (Authorised Training Organisation) for PRINCE2 with Axelos.

- Strengthen your CV with a powerful Project Management qualification in just one week.


Who is this Course Suitable For? CertificationCourse FormatCourse Includes

Project managers looking to raise their capabilities and run large projects more effectively.

Anyone who wants to learn a common project management methodology to run large projects effectively.

Leaders who need their teams to execute complex projects well.

Anyone looking to implement the PRINCE2 methodology into their projects.

The course is suitable for people already certified at PRINCE2 Foundation level and wishing to become certified to Practitioner level.

Examination and registration fees are included in the course.

The exam includes:

  • Objective Testing
  • 50 questions- each worth 1 mark
  • 30 marks or more required to pass- out of 50 questions (60%)
  • One hour (60 minutes) duration
  • Two and a half hours (150 minutes) duration- no additional reading time
  • Open book exam

It is highly recommended that the PRINCE2 Practitioner course is completed within 3 months of completing the PRINCE2 Foundation course so that the Foundation course is fresh in your mind.

The course includes the following:

  • -PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification.
  • -Unique PRINCE2 workbook, course notes and mock exams all from Trigraph to give you the best possible chance of passing the certification exam.
  • -Certification Exam.
  • -Certification fees.

Our course will enable delegates to:

  • -Apply the PRINCE2 methodology to real-world projects.
  • -Apply the PRINCE2 processes and themes to any given scenario.
  • -Prepare for and take the PRINCE2 Certification Practitioner Exam.
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