PowerBI Introduction

Course Highlights

This is a 1-day course - delivered over a number of short modules.

It is often delivered in shorter modules of 90 minutes spread out over time with "homework" between sessions to ensure the learners' experience is positive and they have easier scheduling options.

Some clients like it delivered via 2 sessions in week 1, followed by 2 sessions in week 2. Other clients have opted for 1 session pw over 4 weeks.

This is very much a "learn by doing" course where the learners are encouraged to apply the learning in their own environment as they go along.


  • Session 1
    1. Overviewof PowerBI
    2. Getting data into PowerBI – what sort of data and how to do it?
    3. Relationships– what are they and why are they important
    4. Creating your first simple dashboard
    5. Follow on homework
  • Session 2
    1. Reviewof homework
    2. CreatingMeasures (how to tell PowerBI what calculations to do)
    3. Deeperdive into visualization
    4. Layingout the dashboard – setting up filters/adding slicers
    5. Homework – building on existing dashboard and/ortrying it out with your own data
  • Session 3
    1. Reviewof homework
    2. Sharingyour work – uploading to the cloud (PowerBI service)
    3. Exploring further visuals and measures
    4. Dos and Don’ts
    5. Homework – building on existing dashboard and/or trying it out with your own data
  • Session 4
    • Reviewof homework
    • Gettingmore out of your data – exploring AI Visuals (Key Influencers/DecompositionTree etc)
    • Introduction to drill through and Tooltips for visuals
    • What’s next?



  • This is not for beginners. Attendees should have a solid Excel foundation e.g. be familiar with vlookups / pivot tables.
  • PowerBI Desktop needs to be downloaded beforehand. It can be downloaded here
  • PowerBI Service is an add-on to an Office 365 licence but can be accessed for a 60 day trial period here. You can get more information about this here
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