PSM® - Professional ScrumMaster course

Course Highlights

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

• Define the key agile values and principles

• Understand the benefits of Scrum and Agile methods

• Explain the theory behind Scrum and why it works

• Describe the Scrum framework including

- Roles: Product Owner, ScrumMaster, Developer

- Events: Sprint Planning, Review, Retrospective, Scrum

- Artifacts: Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Definition of Done

• Perform planning and estimation in an agile environment

• Appreciate the deep collaborative culture of agile development

• Undertake steps needed to get started with Scrum on your project

• Avoid the common pitfalls with Agile/Scrum

• Tackle typical PSM 1 exam questions (PSM 1 Exam Token included with this course)


The use of agile development methods such as Scrum continues to grow apace. This is based on extraordinary benefits in productivity, quality, predictability and flexibility being experienced across diverse companies and industries. Scrum has now entered the mainstream, with the majority of software development organisations worldwide using it in at least some projects.

To ensure the quality of training, many organisations are looking to certification schemes. The creators of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber, have defined the key concepts and practices of Scrum. Based on this, there is a two level certification scheme called ‘Professional ScrumMaster’ to ensure these are understood by those wishing to lead or work with/in Scrum teams.

This course provides a deep-dive into these topics, and includes classroom type training, interactive exercises, sample exam questions and in-depth discussions with experienced Scrum practitioners/trainers.

Covering all material required for PSM and much more, this course will give you the knowledge needed to pass the Level 1 exam (PSM 1 Exam Token Included) , begin applying Scrum in your work environment, and start to accumulate the experience needed to pass the Level II exam.

(PSM Level II provides an advanced certification for those who have studied the topic widely and have extensive hands-on experience using Scrum. Although the same body of knowledge is relevant, the exam requires interpretation of the Scrum framework in tricky situations and a deep understanding of agile and lean concepts under-pinning Scrum).

Course Includes

Professional Scrum Master Course with PSM 1 Exam Token included.

The PSM assessments are grounded in the Professional Scrum Master subject areas. Many questions ask you to think about or interpret the meaning from the Scrum Guide, apply content from the PSM subject areas, and in some cases, apply your own experience.


This course is intended for prospective ScrumMasters, Project Managers, Team Leaders as well as cross-functional team members such as Developers, Architects, Testers, DBAs, Business Analysts, etc. and project support personnel who will benefit from an understanding of Scrum.

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