Defining your Project - Online Module 2

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Module summary

Learn about the importance of carefully documenting the project scope so that it's crystal clear what the project will deliver (and not deliver).

The MoSCoW technique is used to rate requirements in priority order by ensuring users' expectations are fully considered. the impact of non-functional requirements on the quality of project deliverables is explained. This module increases the chances of project success by paying attention to up-front analysis of requirements and scope.

This module is one in a set which address various aspects of project management. The topics covered in this module are:

Key words used when defining a project.

Deciding what is in / out of scope and preventing scope creep.

The MoScoW prioritisation technique.

Functional and non-functional requirements.

This Module is suitable for: Anyone interested in project management, particularly people intending to become project managers, people who work with project managers.

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