Remote Working - online learning

Course Highlights

Setting up for Success in Remote Working

  • Length: 30-40 minutes accessible with slides and audio or just as an audio file.
  • Learner Access – the presentation will be recorded on an online platform (e.g. Zoom) and learners can access it via clicking a URL link. Access can be via PC / laptop, tablet, smartphone etc

Learning Objectives:

To give participants an awareness of some of the key considerations while working remotely. Overview on wellbeing when working remotely and considerations in relation to building resilience and adaptability in overcoming the challenges that COVID has presented for employees.

Core Topics:

Use the Kubler Ross Change Cycle as a guide to discuss how recent transitions may have been experienced and the requirements of people at different stages of transition - communication, emotional resilience, and guidance. Looking at each of these through the lens of remote working.

  • Communication considerations when working remotely.
    • Reflecting on the principles of good communication.
    • Using tools effectively (incorporating existing tools available to the client while reflecting digital challenges that may exist).
    • The importance of building informal communication channels.
    • Recognising individual differences in how we communicate

  • Emotional Resilience.
    • Emotional Self Awareness when working Remotely
    • Building a resilience toolkit
    • Impact of stress on Remote Working Relationships

  • Practical Guidance for Remote Working
    • Boundary Management
    • Time and Energy Management

Optional Addition:

Questions could be submitted in advance of the webinar that if not covered in the main body of the webinar could be addressed at the end of the webinar.

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