Two-Day Pre-Retirement Course

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Designed for pre-retirees & partners

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Retirement can be a golden period, full of adventure and fulfilment with each day bringing new joys and new adventures – but only if retirees plan for it in advance.

This 2-day programme is geared toward establishing a framework to assist pre-retirees do just that – embodying a modular sequence of expert mini-seminars to address the key lifestyle & financial considerations involved.

Trigraph is presenting this course in partnership with Torc Consulting. There are many topics for the learner to consider as retirement beckons - both technical / financial and personal / health / wellbeing / lifestyle. Over the course of the programme you will meet with eight (8) specialist presenters, each an authority in their own area and with vast experience.

What's Included


Transition to Retirement

  • What is Retirement: The New Perspective
  • Pre-Retirement: Preparing For Change
  • What We Give Up & What We Gain When We Retire
  • How To Approach/Build a Retirement Plan

Security & Supports

  • Guide To Senior Safety & Security Actions
  • Managing Personal/Domestic Necessities
  • Making the Most of State Entitlements
  • Tapping in to Community Resources
Keeping Connected
  • What is a Social Network
  • Benefits of Social Engagement
  • Managing Relationships
  • Partner Considerations & Single Retirees

Health & Wellness

  • Mental health and Wellbeing
  • Physical health
  • Nutrition and Diet
  • Physical activity and Fitness


  • Occupational Pensions: Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit
  • Normal Retirement vs Early Retirement
  • Exploring Options: AVCs, ARFs & Annuities
  • State Pensions
  • Tax Categories: Income, Capital Gains & Capital Acquisition
  • Optimising Credits, Reliefs & Refunds
  • Tax Changes in Retirement
  • Updating One’s Tax Affairs on MyAccount

Money Matters

  • Financial & Budget Planning
  • Ways to Stretch the Retirement Euro
  • Managing Debts & Credit Cards
  • Savings & Investments
Wills, Probate & Powers of Attorney
  • Essentials & Format of a Will
  • Succession Act Provisions & Terms
  • The Probate Process
  • Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA) and “Living Wills”

You’ll find each of these modules filled with a broad range of practical tips & resources – drawing on a wealth of up-to-date research & information.

You’ll learn the key ingredients necessary for a successful modern-day retirement, from a course that is designed to be both comprehensive in the detail & range of information imparted – yet, pitched at a level that is both accessible & engaging to each individual participant.

Overall, you’ll leave this course with a strong sense of empowerment – chomping at the bit to get started on this next & exciting phase of life.

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