Preparing to Return to Work - Managing Change & Building Confidence

Course Highlights

For many people returning to work after the COVID-19 crisis may be stressful as the new work environment may differ from what when before.

This is a one-hour Webinar to help you as a Manager / Team Leader / Supervisor to understand more about the change process and our normal human responses to change itself.

We will look at types of change, change models, and pathways to successfully navigate this change as you return to business.

The Webinar will offer practical tools in communicating change, and in building personal and team confidence.

Part 1:

  • Types of Change
  • The Leader and the Manager
  • The compelling Future Vision
  • Path to Change - Elizabeth Kubler Ross
  • Human responses to Change
  • Supporting Behaviours

Part 2:

  • Eight Steps in Achieving Change in Organisations
  • The Leader and the Manager - Roles
  • Change models - Plotting your own journey - unit, team, section, organisation
  • Learnings from Lockdown
  • SWOT Analysis - Where are we now?

Part 3:

  • Key elements in Communication
  • Mapping a planned Communication
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • The Art of Powerful Questions
  • Five Tools to Improve Listening
  • Dealing with Self Limiting Beliefs

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