Risk Management - 1 Day

Course Highlights

Effective risk management can bring significant and far-reaching benefits to every company or organisation.

This 1-day practical course is designed to introduce delegates to the basic concepts of managing risk.


Sample Modules include:

  • Defining and categorising risk
  • The components of risk management
  • The Risk Management Plan
  • Planning the Risk Management Strategy
  • Defining Objectives and Deliverables
  • Impact analysis Tools and Techniques
  • Management and Control
  • Risk Response control
  • Risk evaluation

  • Course Includes

    Delegates will learn about Planning for Risk, the Risk Management process & the implications of not following the process, Risk Management & control and documentation (Risk Register etc).

    There are exercises and group activities to practice the concepts learned in the class.

    On completion of this course, delegates will have an understanding of the Risk Management process and the implications of not following the process. They will have learned about tools such as Risk Register and be able to apply the principles and process to their own projects.

    The course uses a practical process to Identify, Analyse, Quantify, Prioritise, Respond to & Manage and Control Risk.


    The course is suitable for Managers, Team Leaders, Business Owners, Support Staff and anyone who needs to make decisions which involves a degree of risk.

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