Risk Management Webinar

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Risk Management – Trigraph Webinar

Effective risk management can bring significant and far-reaching benefits to every company or organisation. Conversely, poor risk management practices can bring disaster to companies or organisations.

This 1-hour webinar is designed to introduce delegates to the basic concepts of managing risk.

Trigraph’s experienced practitioners will provide advice, suggestions and ideas on

  • What is risk and why should you as individuals and organisations focus on it?
  • How can we better understand our exposure to risk, and how can we analyse and quantify that exposure?
  • What can we then do about our risk and are there any standard responses we can make to this?

Through real-world examples we will try to demonstrate both good and bad risk management in practice.

Suitable For

The webinar is suitable for Managers, Team Leaders, Business Owners, Support Staff and anyone who needs to make decisions which involve a degree of risk.

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