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SCRUMBUTTS – when SCRUM goes wrong......

As more and more organizations undergo digital transformation, the application of an agile or adaptive approach to value delivery is increasingly coming under consideration. For many groups, SCRUM is the framework being selected as they establish their agile environment and way of working.

To quote the founders of Scrum, Jeff Sutherland and Ken Schwaber: “Scrum is easy to understand, hard to master”. The world is full of agile adoption failures. Agile is very culture based and the essence of Scrum is a cross-functional team set up to deliver value. As you can imagine, this involves a lot more than forming a group of colleagues and asking them to “do scrum”.

This webinar explores the approaches and situations that have led to Scrum teams facing challenges with their application of the framework. Much of the content is drawn from the guidance and experience of the founders of SCRUM. We look at anti-patterns or “ScrumButts” (We are doing Scrum but……” and explore why these issues arise.

Tutor Profile: Michael T. Lane PhD. MSc. BSc. PMP®, MMII Grad., PSM 1

Michael provides mentoring, training and formal educational services based upon insights gained from spending twenty years managing global teams in the software development industry followed by 15 years in the academic education / corporate training sector. His specialist areas are general project management considerations, including project governance. He facilitates the adoption of either predictive project management systems in stable environments or adaptive project management in volatile situations. As a Trigraph associate, Michael can advise and train on how organizations can apply “Lean Thinking” to their projects so that they provide clear value and reduce wasteful activities.

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