Work Smarter with MS Outlook

Course Highlights

Objectives The session aims to equip participants with the necessary tools to better plan and manage time with focus on how MS Outlook can be better used as a planning and time management tool.

Prerequisites A basic knowledge of Microsoft Outlook prior to the course is assumed.


  • How do you manage your time? (questionnaire, discussion and feedback)
  • How MS Outlook can assist in better Managing your Time (TopTips for Time Management)
  • Develop a Daily Routine – Plan, Plan, Plan
  • “Netetiquette” – Good email etiquette
  • Handling Information Overload
  • Implement time saving features such as Rules
  • Using the Quick Step feature for repetitive tasks
  • How to use the Search feature more effectively / finding email threads quickly
  • Manage your mailbox more efficiently (Flags, Folders, Filing)
  • Display flagged items in the Email and Calendar views
  • Use Calendar to better plan your time & meetings
  • Use Tasks to manage To Do’s and Projects
  • Sharing Task Folders for collaboration
  • Use Categories to better define Meetings, Tasks & Contacts
  • Create Contacts and Contact Groups
  • Manage your Mailbox more efficiently
  • Customise your MS Outlook Settings
  • How Outlook works with MS Teams e.g. email or Instant Message?
  • Attachments v Links in emails
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