Time Management & Personal Effectiveness course

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This workshop is suitable for anyone who needs to manage their time better or be more productive.
It’s also useful for team leaders and newly appointed managers. Additionally, it can serve as an opportunity to review and improve your time management, allowing you to plan for the future while dealing with day-to-day tasks.

It is highly practical session where the skills and techniques learned can be put into practice immediately.General course objectives can be refined for personal relevance and an action plan for the future can be devised.

You will learn key skills to optimise your personal effectiveness, how to organise your workflow, how to prioritise and how to delegate when appropriate. Benefits of attending this course include:

  • An awareness of where your time is “going”
  • Taking control of how you use your time
  • Having clear objectives & understanding non-value tasks
  • Achieving goals and meeting deadlines
  • Feeling confident knowing you've done the most important things

Before the Workshop:
Participants are encouraged to keep a time sheet/record for a couple of days and consider which activities were most productive driving value within the organisation. We will discuss change, personal habits and routines.

During the Workshop:
Participants work through a series of exercises where they examine their current practices and learn new approaches
Understanding Yourself
Prioritising and Goal Setting
Preventing Time Wasting
The session concludes with the formulation of an action plan.

After the Workshop:
Having had some time to absorb the concepts and try out the techniques, participants review and revise their action plans. We recommend a commitment to change or update 2 or 3 things immediately. This helps to embed the learning and aid in follow through.

Please note that this workshop and content can be tailored to meet your specific needs. The content outlined above is a typical sample for either a half day or a full day workshop. The course is also available for online delivery via one or more online sessions.

Any Questions?
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