The all-new AXELOS® ProPath brings together the world’s leading project, programme, and portfolio best practice certifications, for the breadth of skills you need to deliver meaningful organisational change, one powerful step at a time.

Why ProPath:

The only constant in life is change, and at this time this feels more accurate than ever before. Organisations must now be ready to adapt the way they work – even change the fundamental nature of that work – at a previously inconceivable pace.

Professionals certified in best practice that provide the skills to master the pace of change are fast becoming indispensable; providing organizations with the crucial best practice guidance and skills they need to reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and make sound investments for the future.

ProPath has been designed to help you do exactly that; providing a progressive development structure of best practice certifications that are specifically geared towards delivering meaningful change, in a changing world.

ProPath options:

There are three ProPath routes to choose from:

  • ProPath Project Expert
  • ProPath Agile Project Expert
  • ProPath Programme Leader

They encompass proven methods and frameworks for planning and directing change, monitoring progress, taking corrective action, and aligning work with an organisation’s strategic objectives. And because it’s AXELOS, you can be sure that everything is informed by real-world experience and focused on the delivery of real-world outcomes with a global perspective.

ProPath modules:

Each path is made up of a specially selected combination of AXELOS best practice qualifications. The best practice qualifications covered in ProPath are:

Choosing the ProPath that’s right for you:

There are three ProPath routes to choose from, each made up of a specially selected combination of AXELOS best practice certifications: for outstanding results, and a standout professional profile.

ProPath Project Expert

Designed for project management professionals that are looking for a holistic view of their projects. ProPath Project Expert will strengthen the ability to deliver consistent results and help maximise benefits and efficiencies, whilst managing risk.

This route comprises:

ProPath Agile Project Expert

Created for professionals that are passionate about the flexibility and responsiveness of Agile project management. ProPath Agile Project Expert provides the skills and guidance to help maximise benefits and manage risk, with agile delivery techniques.

This route combines:

ProPath Programme Leader

Crafted for professionals that are looking to increase their ability to manage the complexities of multiple projects andprogrammes, whilst controlling the impact of risk and maintaining alignment with corporate strategy.

This route comprises:

Combining the rigour of P3O, with the big picture focus of MSP and MoP, professionals will demonstrate their leadership that inspires and delivers.


ProPath Certified Portfolio Director

To apply to become a ProPath Certified Programme Director, you will first need to have earned:

  • ProPath Project Expert, or ProPath Agile Project Expert and
  • ProPath Programme

The ProPath Certified Portfolio Director is the ultimate designation in project, programme, and portfolio management. With this industry-leading endorsement behind you, you’ll operate as a key player for change within your organization. You will use your significant expertise to plan, direct, monitor and correct the course of change – to ensure extraordinary outcomes for your organization, and for yourself.